Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Moondog bleached by the Sun.... Cosmic lyrics

Listening, trying hard to chill out while battling with 6 funding proposals now all wrapped round seeking funding for the IYA 09 projects. Listening to Underworld and this lyric stood out... Moondog bleached by the Sun. I've often done with this friends sat around when bored... asking them to come up with a title or a line from a song around a theme or a situation. What would be your Cosmic Soundtrack?

Mike Robe from UKRA has already beat me to this with his Rocket tunes CD that he was handing out to people at the UK Space Conference but here is something that might one day turn up as a Cosmic Diary compilation:

1. Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

2. Good Morning Cockeral - Underworld (moondog bleached by the sun)

3. Pearl's Girl - Underworld ( and old man einstein crazy in his attic)

4. ELO - Mr Blue Skies

5. Earth intruders - Bjork

6. Saturn 5 - Inspiral carpets

7. Two worlds collide - Inspiral Carpets - they also had a picture of Saturn on the from of the single

8. Outta Space - The Prodigy

9. Gustav Holst - The Planets Suite

10. Across the Universe - The Beatles - would you believe this track was beamed to the pole star by NASA? and now its started an argument between astronomers who are saying that if interpreted as a blattle cry it could start an alien invasion! If you don't beleive me, check out the link to the story... scary!


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